Administrative Law

Administrative Law

Administrative law is the branch of law which regulates social relations associated with activity of government bodies and local authorities’ fulfilling of their administrative functions. The specific nature of the subject of regulation is the reason why administrative law is also referred to as regulatory law. This branch of law specifies the procedure of formation and activities of government bodies at all levels.

Administrative law also governs various relations in the society which are to be managed by government bodies. Wrongful acts which are not classified as crimes as per their gravity are considered under administrative law: such wrongful acts are referred to as administrative offenses.

Lobbyist law firm provides the following services related to administrative law:

  • representation of the Client’s interests in government bodies and local authorities;
  • legal assistance/ support in obtaining permits, coordinated approvals, licenses, etc.;
  • appeal against illegal actions/ inactions of power entities in administrative courts;
  • appeal against by-laws in accordance with the specified court procedure;
  • provision of advice and legal conclusions;
  • protection of the client’s interests during inspections, verifications, etc.;
  • protection of the client’s interests when receiving requests, demands, orders and other documents;
  • legal assistance at seizure of documents;
  • legal representation in administrative cases;
  • appeal against decisions on imposition of administrative sanctions;
  • representation of the client’s interests to government bodies and local authorities.
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About Our Company

In order to make a business successful, legal support of the best professionals is required. Besides, this support should be provided in due time. We are here to help you. Professional lawyers and attorneys of our team will always help you to resolve your problems. Please, call or send an e-mail to contact us. Prompt legal assistance is a work which can be performed at a high quality level by professionals only.

Our team includes specialists in various branches of law and they are all professionals in their fields. Our company unites attorneys and lawyers of different specialties. Some of them are skilled professionals in economic or civil law; others specialize in criminal and administrative law; we also have specialists who work in the field of corporate law and are always ready to help with licensing and registration of companies. Each of our team members has received higher education and is very experienced in his or her specialty.

Our clients:
  • Alvis Realty Europe,LLC (Ukraine) (subsidiary enterprise of Pacific Group International,LLC USA)
  • Trubostal LLC, the city of Sevastopol (rolled metal production)
  • Balaklavskoye PJSC, the city of Sevastopol (restaurant business)
  • SPZP KVTM LLC, the city of Sevastopol (subsidiary enterprise of Keramet PJSC, Donetsk)
  • Novaya Galaktika LLC, the city of Moscow (publishing house)
  • Friendcom LLC, Sevastopol (publishing house)
  • S.O.B.R LLC, Sevastopol (security company)
  • k.ARH LLC, Sevastopol (distribution companies)

Zoya Frolova

  • Over 17 years of legal experience;
  • An attorney since 2004;

Specialization in economic and corporate disputes, as well as criminal cases related to economic crimes and malfeasances.

Partner Zoya Frolova

Dmitriy Suchkov

  • over 7 years of legal experience;

Specialization in corporate disputes and contract law. Working with with joint-stock companies, acquisition of shares and assets, takeovers, receivables, economic security of companies.

Knowledge of languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Managing Dmitriy Suchkov

Andrey Goldman

  • over 7 years of legal experience;

Specialization in civil and family law

Knowledge of languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Partner Andrey Goldman
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